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December 4, 2018
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December 4, 2018

SharePoint 2010 to 2016 Migration and AutoSPInstaller

Good morning,

Our organization is in the process of migrating from SP2010 to 2016 and I am currently writing the script to upgrade the following application services:

  • Managed Metadata Service Application
  • User Profile Synchronization Service Application

That said, our Infrastructure guy is using AutoSPInstaller which is great to simplify his job but it creates all the following application services + the web application (for which I need to migrate the Content databases):

  • App Management Service Application
  • Application Discovery and Load Balancer Service Application
  • Business Data Connectivity Service Application
  • Machine Translation Service
  • Managed Metadata Service
  • PowerPoint Conversion Service Application
  • Project Application Services
  • Secure Store Service Application
  • Security Token Service Application
  • State Service
  • Usage and Health Data Collection Service Application
  • User Profile Service Application
  • Word Automation Services
  • Workflow Service Application

So, what is the best and easiest scenarios here? Should I delete both of the application services (Managed Metadata and User Profile) + the web application then proceed with the migration of these?

Trying to find what is the best scenario but I could not find anything on the web that explain how to use AutoSPInstaller along with a migration scenario.


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