January 11, 2019
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January 11, 2019

Ellipsis not opening out to show "Edit Properties" – Sharepoint 2013

Ellipsis not opening out to show "Edit Properties" - Sharepoint 2013

I have a subsite in Sharepoint 2013 which contains a few libraries, one of which has 4 document sets in it. At the top level of this library, i can click the ellipsis as normal and then click the second set of ellipsis (highlighted in image) to bring up the “properties” sub-menu. In the document sets that are in this library, clicking on the highlighted ellipsis does nothing, no menu comes up, nothing happens. We can workaround the issue by using the top file menu which has all the same commands. Its more a question of why this is happening.

The doc sets are used throughout the rest of our site with no issue, the users of this library all have contribute permissions (the file menu works, so I guess that demonstrates that perms are fine?) and it’s a view that’s used throughout our site as well.

It only became apparent due to a doc not appearing in the doc set because of required tags not being present, which could only then be added through the file menu.

Anyone seen this before, got any ideas!?

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