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January 10, 2019
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January 10, 2019

An apparent lack of development (am I going mad?)

So I have been away from SPO for about 8 months now, but now a client has expressed an interest in migrating their doc management systems so I decided to revisit and catch up on what’s been happening while I was gone.


…..Not much, seems to be the answer. Few examples:

  • There are still only two ‘modern’ site templates

  • a huge swathe of functionality available in classic is still absent, necessitating a lot of aggravating and inelegant workarounds, with the attendant vulnerability to sudden deprecation / breakage by MS updates.

  • A lot of the quality of life and usability complaints (the straight up awful landing page, for example) are still present

These were all long standing issues when I last checked in last April. As far as I can see, there’s been near zero progress. I’ve spotted a few new web parts and there’s now a couple of new sites that are automatically added to your collection (whether you want them or not), but that’s about it. Would somebody fill me in on what I’m missing?

This is not a rant, I’m legitimately interested in what has moved forward in any meaningful way.

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