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January 10, 2019
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January 10, 2019

Allow external user to add members?

The question: Can an external user be a SharePoint TeamSite Owner? (O365 Sharepoint)

I cannot find an answer to this…

Backstory (for those interested):
Two of my clients collaborate extensively and have a shared TeamSite. This TeamSite is setup under CompanyA and is used by various members of both companies. One user of CompanyB is ‘troublesome’ in the sense that adding her the usual way (via Outlook) proved impossible (i have no idea why), whereas other CompanyB users were added this way easily.

I managed to add this particular user via ‘site permission’.** He now is able to do everything he needs to do. But he doesn’t show up in the members-list (which is annoying) and he cannot invite new members, which is a requirement, as he’s co-heading the project with his colleague at CompanyA.

I cannot find answers online, but my guess is that an external contact simply never can be a site owner (and with that having the possibility to add/remove members).
I’ve spent way too much time trying to give my own email sufficient rights, but to no avail.

I did ‘solve’ the issue by creating an account for this user at CompanyA, so it’s ‘fixed’. Still, I would love to get an answer to the above question.

** A little history: This user used to be a normal member, then got removed by my predecessor. And a few months ago, he was assigned back on this project. When I tried to add him through Members → Add member this failed: he receives the invite email, but whenever he tries to access the site, he gets the “Access Denied user_CompanyB#ext#@companyA.onmicrosoft.com does not have permissions to access this resource. “.

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