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December 7, 2018
@NanddeepNachan Nanddeep Nachan
December 7, 2018

AS2, EDIFACT connectors updates for Azure Logic Apps

We are currently deploying the following minor updates to all regions for AS2 and EDIFACT connectors.

    • AS2 German and Spanish localization fix for Resolve Agreement actions (removing end period from operation description and summary for Logic Apps Designer support)
    • EDIFACT enable support of & > < ! ” ; % * in EANCOM message
    • EDIFACT accept 0-padded qualifiers for incoming messages to decode
    • EDIFACT enable encoding of interchange with n transaction set(s) through additional API. This is the EDIFACT equivalent of previously released additional API for X12 documented at https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/connectors/x12/#encode-to-x12-message-by-agreement-name–v2-

Our deployments follow safe deployment practices, meaning that we deploy incrementally to subsets of Azure regions until all regions have the update. If an issue in found during the deployment, further regions may be delayed until a fix is available.

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